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Today’s federal buildings are facing the challenges of sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. Control Technologies can help federal buildings reach these sustainability standards, while lowering overall operating expenses, through the use of energy audits, building performance assessments and building automation systems. Control Technologies also understands a federal building’s need for heightened security, and will help your facility achieve a safe, secure work environment through the use of access controls, surveillance systems and visitor entry management.

Control Technologies understands that all organizations face budgeting challenges. Control Technologies has technical and financial solutions that could help your facility fund the project through the savings created with the upgrade.


  • Reduce Cost of Operations
  • Reduce Environmental Impact
  • Increase Equipment Life Expectancy
  • Increase Security and Safety
  • Energy Savings

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What you can expect
  • Meeting Heightened Security Requirements
  • Achieving a Safe, Secure Work Environment
  • Access Controls, Surveillance Systems and Visitor Entry Management