A More Efficient, Less Expensive Building

Buildings rarely perform as designed. Achieving building comfort and energy performance sometimes seems elusive. Control Technologies offers various solutions to identify and improve building performance such as ASHRAE Level I & II audits, Building Energy Performance Assessments (BEPA), and Energy Benchmarking.


  • Improve Comfort and Energy Performance
  • Improve Overall Building Sustainability
  • Reduce Utility Bill Expense

How Does It Work?

Control Technologies provides industry certified staff to perform a technically sound energy audit of your building and equipment. A detailed building performance assessment with actionable recommendations that meet your organization’s financial criteria is provided. The results of the work will also be presented in person to members of your organization so that all questions can be answered and the best course of action can be determined.

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What you can expect
  • Gaining a Better Operating, More Efficient and Less Expensive Facility
  • Performing an Energy Audit
  • Identifying Solutions and Improving Building Performance