Plan Your Energy Future

You want to reduce your utility bills and carbon usage while improving the operation of your building, but don’t know where to start? Control Technologies can provide the leadership you need to start and maintain an effective process. Whether you need to start a Strategic Energy Management Plan, or need less formal guidance, Control Technologies will meet you where your needs are.


  • Bring Structure and Organization to Your Energy Planning
  • Create Financial Results and Accountability
  • Create Positive Public Visibility For Your Organization

How Does It Work?

Control Technologies’ energy experts provide a documented and accountable process to drive sound decision making that will help you achieve maximum savings. We work with people at various levels in your organization to form an energy management team that identifies opportunities, vets financial criteria, analyzes rates, is knowledgeable on legislation, prioritizes implementation, tracks performance through measurement & verification, and plans your energy future. We work with you on not only the best technical solutions, but also on financial solutions, considering funding sources such as utility rebates, tax incentives, grant programs, and low interest loans.

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What you can expect
  • Initiating and Maintaining a Program of Savings and Improvements
  • Achieving Maximum Savings
  • Tracking Performance Through Measurement and Verification