Building automation controls are our specialty, but we also provide a full range of strategic energy management plans which include facility maintenance, repair and management services. Recognizing that each customer has a unique need, we will work with you to design and implement a service contract that fits your facility. Keeping your system fully tuned and up-to-date ensures optimum comfort and energy performance.


  • Peace of Mind — The knowledge that should a problem arise, fast competent response is just a phone call away.
  • Priority Response — We offer a higher priority response to those customers with a service agreement.
  • Maximizes System Efficiency — Calibration of sensors and devices keeps your system operating efficiently and saves money.
  • Preferred Pricing — For our customers that have a service contract, we offer preferred pricing for parts and labor (10% off our regular labor rates).
  • Increased Up-Time — A system that has preventative maintenance on a regular basis has fewer critical failures.
  • Remote Online Support — The quickest and most cost effective way to solve minor system problems.

How Does It Work?

  • Preferred Labor & Materials — The customer will be advised of the defect. Subject to approval by an authorized agent of the customer, work will be performed on our preferred time and material basis.
  • Emergency Labor — What this means is all of the necessary unscheduled emergency labor to restore, repair, or replace the equipment on the list of maintained equipment during CTI’s normal working hours. Any material replacement will be invoiced on a preferred pricing basis.
  • Comprehensive Coverage — The labor and material components and parts necessary to restore covered equipment to normal operation. These replacements will be of like or current design to prevent system depreciation or obsolescence. All work will be performed during CTI normal working hours.
  • 24-Hour Coverage — This coverage includes back-up emergency services for critical responses on a 7-day/week, 24-hour/day basis. Subject to approval by an authorized agent of the customer, work will be performed on our overtime preferred time and material basis.

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