BA Tester

The Foundation of a Truly Connected Building

Control Technologies is not just a Building Automation Systems (BAS) provider for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), we are a nationally recognized BAS integrator of truly open systems.

Why Choose

Truly Open?

While other companies are moving towards proprietary systems, Distech Controls and CTI are moving forward with a commitment to a truly open platform.
Truly open systems ensure the maximum life expectancy of your system and interoperability with other connected devices, beyond HVAC, for smart buildings.

Distech Controls

A Partnership in Truly Open Systems

The desire for raising the bar in building automation is what brought Control Technologies and Distech Controls together. As an innovative leader in energy management solutions since 1995, Distech Controls provides unique building management technologies that optimize energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.
Distech Controls’ hardware and software is built on a proven platform and is directly compatible to all control products, regardless of manufacturer.
From 1986 to now, all of our services and solutions are focused on our customer’s needs today and well into the future.

A History In

Starting in the late 80’s, the Building Automation field was a transformative influence. With the introduction of Direct Digital Controls (DDC) and adoption of BACnet and Lonworks, we saw a revolutionary shift into the modern buildings we live, work, and learn in today.

A History of Industry Innovation

CTI has been at the forefront of Building Automation technology since its beginnings three decades ago. Starting the late 80’s and early 90’s, when DDC controls were first entering the HVAC and building market, CTI quickly became a leader and early adopter of DDC controls, and the first adopter of open protocol in the Northeast.