Companies Realize Savings by Implementing Lighting Controls

Companies Realize Savings by Implementing Lighting Controls


Lighting represents up to 40% of the electrical usage in a typical commercial building, and by implementing a lighting control system, companies can realize a significant savings in operating costs. Lighting controls have advanced from occupancy sensors and timers, to networked lighting control systems that not only operate lighting but provide valuable, actionable data based on real-time use. There are many                   benefits for installing lighting control systems in facilities, some of which include:

          • Saving Money by Reducing Lighting Energy

• Improved Employee Light Quality Through Personal Control

• Light Where You Need It, When You Need It

• Improved Lamp and Ballast Maintenance

There are also many advantages of a lighting control system over conventional individual light switches. These include having the ability to control any one light, group of lights, or all lights in a building using a single user interface device. An interface device also gives the user the ability to control any light or device from any location. The ability to control multiple light sources also allows the user to create ‘light scenes’, each being created for different activities, with board meetings, presentations and training classes being just a few. Lighting controls also have the ability to automatically come based on several categories. These include time of day (including sunrise and sunset), occupancy, energy conservation and day light harvesting, special events etc. The time of day category uses pre-set timers, while the occupancy category could use motion detectors.

Lighting data can now be integrated into the HVAC system controls to gain additional savings in heating, cooling, and ventilation. Several strategies include daylight harvesting, scheduling, demand response, task tuning, and individual personal control from each user’s computer. Control Technologies provides the most technically advanced lighting control systems to create a cost-effective answer to your lighting challenges. We work with utility incentive programs, tax incentives, low interest loan programs and leasing to create the best financial opportunity for you.