Vermont’s Energy Independence Day is March 21st

Vermont’s Energy Independence Day is March 21st

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Vermont Energy Independence Day is a media project to capture the voice of Vermont on our transition to a sustainable energy future. The project is facilitated and produced by Bright Blue Eco Media the nonprofit media company that produced the Emmy-award winning Bloom- The Plight of the Lake Champlain, and this year’s three-part Bloom series premiering on PBS on February 29th.

On the first full day of spring 2012, Vermonters from across the state will tell their stories of our transition towards energy independence. Film the beauty of Vermont, how we use energy, or your story of our energy future. Upload your files in the following weeks. The Bright Blue Team will then edit Vermont’s first crowd-sourced documentary.

Anyone with a video camera or a smart phone (or a friend’s to borrow) can participate. Learn about the what, when, and how by browsing the site. Check out who is filming, join the growing story corps, or network with a community or class.


This is the story of everyday acts of carpooling, insulating an attic, changing a lightbulb, or buying local. It’s also about sweeping changes found in Vermont’s homegrown renewable energy industry, the new comprehensive state energy plan, and grassroots actions of 100+ town energy committees. This is a story of one small state making a bold break from the past, transitioning to energy independence, and strengthening economy, community, and environment in the bargain.

Carpool to work, change a light bulb, flip a switch … film something over the days and weeks leading up to March 21st (and especially on the BIG day) that brings us one step closer to energy independence. Interview a neighbor who weatherized their home, visit a solar installation at a local school or business, talk with an energy company or state legislator about our energy future. You are the story of Vermont’s energy future.

Let’s show the world what one small state can do. A state that has a reputation for firsts may just be the first to break our addiction to oil, localize and democratize our energy production, and reduce our carbon footprint.