Become More Cost Effective Through Energy Optimization

Become More Cost Effective Through Energy Optimization

According to the Energy Information Administration, energy expenses can total 30% of your building’s overall costs. But by engaging in energy optimization, you can recoup anywhere from 5%-20% of these costs.

Energy optimization is a new way to approach your building’s energy management. Using the latest in automated technologies, Control Industries can offer you the ability to:

  • Conduct accurate Building Performance Assessments/Audits – a building performance assessment or audit provides your business with fully actionable recommendations, based on their financial criteria, that ensures your building or facility will run more efficiently and cost less to operate
  • Building Re-Tuning plans – Control Technologies building re-tuning services range from fully documented commissioning processes to combined training/retuning programs, helping your business realize a potential of 5-20% in overall energy savings
  • Lighting and Controls plans – Control Technologies specializes in getting energy savings from a building’s lighting and controls. Several strategies include: daylight harvesting, demand response, task tuning and giving individuals personal control from their computer.

These services are part of an overall strategic energy management plan Control Technologies will develop that will help your business adhere to green initiatives, be more sustainable by consuming less, and become cost-effective by developing the lowest energy operating costs possible.

Start taking control of your energy usage and saving your company money today! Call Control Technologies to see how we can help you save money, time and energy!