Process Automation Improves Productivity and Product Quality

Process Automation Systems is a term used to describe any process that is being automated through the use of computers and computer software. Another term used is business process automation, which is the strategy used by businesses to automate processes in order to help contain costs. This process consists of mixing different applications, including software applications, and reorganizing labor resources. There are several benefits of using process automation systems which include improved output productivity, optimized energy use and improved product quality. Extension of existing IT systems, purchase of a specialist BPA tool, and procurement of a business process management (BPM) solution with BPA extensions are the main techniques for providing automation of a business process.

Since most IT systems are considered to be automation engines, businesses can extend their functionality. By doing this, the process automation software can be tailored specifically to the exact specifications of the organization. Companies can purchase business process automation (BPA) tools which provide the shortest route to automation. The interface is also simplified so the tools can be used by technical and non-technical staff alike. A business process management system is different than a BPA, but it is possible to build automation off the implementation of a BPM. The tools to accomplish this vary, including writing custom code to using BPA tools. Control Technologies provides its clients with products and solutions for process automation systems, instrumentation, and optimization of industrial and manufacturing processes. Contact us today so we can start working with you to develop accurate costs and schedules that meet your process needs.