Control Technologies Are Experts At Meeting
Your Energy And Security Challenges

Control Technologies understands that every organization has different challenges with their building type, sustainability standards or security requirements. Control Technologies possesses the expertise necessary to help you meet your challenges, and has the technical and financial solutions that could help you fund the project through savings created by upgrading your building’s HVAC, Lighting, Controls, and Building Envelope systems.

Control Technologies has helped numerous K-12 Schools and Colleges and Universities upgrade their building automation systems helping their campus facilities run more efficiently, improve comfort, lowering their operating costs and saving money. Colleges and Universities pay huge economic prices for vandalism, so many campuses have started implementing video surveillance systems; decreasing the budget needed to repair damages. State and Federal buildings have a need for heightened security, and Control Technologies are experts at helping those facilities achieve a secure work environment through the use of access controls, surveillance systems and visitor entry management. Control Technologies has helped countless businesses decrease their overall operating expenses through several avenues including commercial building re-tuning, HVAC commissioning or new building technologies.

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What you can expect
  • Meeting Your Energy Challenges
  • Increasing Efficiency and Decreasing Spending
  • Bringing and Keeping Systems Under Control
  • Meeting Heightened Security Requirements
  • Automating and Integrating Your Building’s Systems