Access Control Is About

Who goes Where, and When

Facility security and occupant safety are some of the most important responsibilities of a building manager. Our Access Control Solutions allow facility managers and owners to control the entry permissions to specified areas of their building.
(Not available in the state of New York)

Facility Access Solutions

That Are Customizable and Scalable

We will work with you to assess your security needs and provide you with options including entry readers, visitor entry management, and integrations to other facility systems. Regulate and monitor access to each door in your facility. Access can be customized to different areas by time, date, or individual permissions.

Our flexible control systems can accommodate a range of system sizes and requirements, with entry readers including card readers, fobs, keypads, pin pads, and biometric readers.



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Video Surveillance

Integrate your building's Access Control and Video Surveillance systems.

Our Video Surveillance Solutions