Government Facilities

Taking leading steps towards Energy Efficiency

Many government and military agencies have outdated facilities that lead to increasingly expensive maintenance and energy challenges.
The upgrading and replacement of older, legacy building automation systems (bas) and equipment can drastically improve operational efficiency, comfort, and savings while bringing benchmark and sustainability goals to the next level.

Federal, State, and Local Governments

Save Time and Money

As GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract holders, we ensure that government agencies receive our best prices and expedited procurement.

The GSA Schedules Program streamlines the procurement process, with contracts awarded in a matter of days instead of months.

States and municipalities can also work with us through our GSA Schedule to recover from major disasters through the GSA’s Disaster Purchasing Program.

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GSA Contract Number: GS-21F-056GA

Schedule 03FAC: Facilities Maintenance & Management

Special Item Numbers:
003 01 Smart Buildings Systems Integrator
811 005 Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioner, Boiler & Chiller HVAC Maintenance

Meet Your Budgeting and Efficiency Goals

Control Technologies will help create a plan that will increase comfort, decrease operating expenses, and provide the best building automation system solutions that will meet your public sector facility goals.

Older facilities can benefit significantly from system upgrades. Over time, building usage and occupancy numbers can change drastically, and the systems in place are often “stuck in the past”, working harder than they should to fulfill newer demands that developed after the system design.

In Federal Facilities

Security Comes First

We understand the need for heightened security and can help your military and government buildings become more secure through the use of door access controls, video surveillance systems, and visitor entry management.

Specify individual personnel that have authorization to access these systems remotely, and receive event-driven alerts for any suspicious activity.


Across Multiple Platforms

Critical military base infrastructure often consists of sprawling campuses of multiple buildings, with widely different uses and a variety of equipment.

Consolidate the management of disparate systems onto one custom interface for streamlined control and remote access.

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