Optimize Your Energy Use While
Lowering Your Operating Costs

In the face of growing energy costs and increased environment awareness, businesses are turning to energy-efficient solutions in order to lower their operating costs and optimize their energy use. Control Technologies are experts at implementing the many options available to businesses in order to achieve energy savings, optimize energy usage and reduce operational costs; all without sacrificing occupant comfort while increasing the bottom line. Our range of expertise includes, but is not limited to, Building Automation, Testing and Balancing and implementing a Strategic Energy Management plan.

Control Technologies has over 25 years of experience in Building Automation and are experts at integrating your control systems regardless of manufacturer or legacy product. Through Building Automation, your facility will perform more efficiently, gain energy optimization and reduce your operational costs. Through Testing and Balancing, your facilities HVAC system will be checked and adjusted to assure it is performing optimally, reducing energy consumption, saving you money, and providing the occupants with a higher level of comfort and indoor air quality. Having Service and Support for your facility through a Preventive Maintenance Agreement or a Strategic Energy Management plan not only helps to insure your system operates efficiently; it helps protect your investment and the savings you have made.

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What You Can Expect
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Increased Building Performance
  • Keeping Your System Operating Efficiently and Saving Money
  • Optimized Equipment Performance
  • Gaining Maximum Benefit From Investment in Systems and Staff