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Enhance Your Bottom Line

Businesses today are striving to implement sustainable practices and products to meet energy code requirements and green building standards, while operating more efficiently and enhancing their bottom line. Control Technologies are experts in helping businesses achieve these goals by showing them how to consume smarter and consume less. Main options available are Building Performance Assessments/Audits, Building Re-Tuning and Lighting and Controls. Strategic Energy Management Plans help building owners and operators protect their investment in buildings and systems while ensuring the lowest operating cost possible.

Through a building performance assessment or audit, businesses receive actionable recommendations, based on their financial criteria, that ensure their facilities run more efficiently and cost less to operate. Building Re-Tuning services range from fully documented commissioning processes to combined training/retuning programs, and companies can realize 5-20% in energy savings. Control Technologies are specialists at getting energy savings from a building’s Lighting and Controls. Several strategies include daylight harvesting, demand response, task tuning and giving individuals personal control from their computer. Start taking control of your energy usage and saving your company money by taking a real or virtual tour of our office lighting control system today.

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What you can expect
  • Gaining a Better Operating, More Efficient and Less Expensive Facility
  • Identifying Solutions and Improving Building Performance
  • Achievable Savings Using Your Building Management System
  • Getting Energy Savings and Better Lighting Quality
  • Reduced Emissions, Improved System Efficiencies and Reduced Energy Consumption