Associated Builders and Contractors Defeat Union Discrimination

Associated Builders and Contractors Defeat Union Discrimination

As members of the ABC (Association of Builders and Contractors), Control Technologies was extremely pleased to get the news that the Coast Community College District (CCCD) in Costa Mesa, CA voted against using a discriminatory project labor agreement (PLA) on its Measure M bond-funded projects.

The Measure M bond is a $698 million bond that will make mass improvements to all colleges within the district. Improvements include:

  • Repair and renovate classrooms that are more than 30 years old and build new classrooms at every college in the District
  • Upgrade high-tech and health career training facilities for academic and vocational courses such as computer science, clean technology, nursing and electronics
  • Expand and upgrade library facilities
  • Upgrade fire, safety and security systems
  • Provide additional training space for programs in police, fire and public safety areas

When the Measure was passed, it was understood by those who endorsed it – the OC Tax and OC Business Counsel – that no PLA would be used in any of the Measure M projects. The PLA was discovered by Labor Issues Solutions’ Kevin Dayton buried in an online agenda for a special meeting and disguised as a “Continuity of Work Agreement.” The Associated Builders and Contractors of Southern California (ABC So-Cal) and its coalition partners immediately jumped into action to inform the public about the wasteful and discriminatory nature of these project labor agreements.*

Had the PLA been put into execution, 8 out of 10 construction workers would have been discriminated against, and a loss of $100 million dollars would have occurred. Thanks to 3 trustees involved in the case, students, faculty and concerned citizens were able to get the information about the PLA and ensure that it would not be part of any future Measure M projects.

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