Commissioned HVAC Systems Improve Energy Performance; Saving Money

Businesses today are continually looking for ways to drive down energy costs and save money. Having a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) control system installed in your facility, or commissioning an already existing system, is a very cost-effective way to gain a better operating, more efficient and less expensive facility. There are many benefits of implementing an HVAC control system including maintaining optimum indoor air quality, reducing energy use, plant operations becoming more efficient and being able to monitor system performance. Fundamentally, an HVAC control system applies regulation to heating, ventilation and air conditioning of a facility, and usually uses a sensing device that compares the actual state, such as temperature, with a target state. Based on that data, the control system will then conclude as to what action needs to be taken.

Controlling an HVAC system involves three steps; measuring a variable and collecting the data, processing the data with other information and causing a control action. A sensor, controller, source of energy and a controlled device are the four elements that comprise an HVAC control system. Most systems use direct digital control (DDC) programming codes, so they are fully programmable and can be customized. DDC systems are considered to be the brain of an HVAC control system, and whether they are networked or not, they form a subsystem that is imperative to the basic operation and performance of the HVAC system. Regular maintenance is important not only to ensure the system is running efficiently, but to also help catch any small issues before they have the chance to end up in a total system failure.

There are many ways businesses can enhance their bottom line through energy savings. Having an HVAC control system commissioned, a building performance assessment performed or implementing a complete energy management system installed are just a few ways businesses can drive down costs and enhance their bottom line. Control Technologies are experts in helping businesses achieve these goals by showing them how to consume smarter and consume less.