Constellation Place Lobos Optimization

Constellation Place Lobos Optimization

Constellation Place is a 35 story, 492-foot office building with 800,000 rent-able square feet  in the Los AngelesCalifornia community of Century City.


Major Challenges:

High-level of security & access to the building had to be tightly coordinated.

Already an energy efficient building with  LEED EB: O&M Gold Certified and technologically  advanced features, such  as fuel cell and solar power array and Schneider Electric  I/A Series DDC systems.

Multiple sources of energy in place including solar panels, fuel cells and the old-fashioned electrical grid. Bringing these all together  to manage in the most efficient way was one of the biggest challenges.



Installation of LOBOS EE, Enerliance’s HVAC optimization software, while utilizing  the existing Schneider Electric I/A DDC control system to drive each application.

Re-program and re-commission the Chilled Water Central Plant.

Add variable pumping sequences for primary and condenser water system.

Optimize the floor air handling systems for maximum efficiency while maintaining a comfortable environment on every floor.



Average reduction of 30-50 percent in central plant daytime  load, 0.34 to 0.65 kilowatts per ton on most days, compared to 0.80 to more than 1.0 kilowatts per ton prior to the project.

The partial nighttime loads have been seeing consistent energy improvements of 50 percent or more.

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