Debate Continues Over Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

A massive debate has recently crept up in America over something, that until recently, most people didn’t give a second thought about; the light bulb. Criticism and support of the supposed ban of 100W, traditional incandescent light bulbs, effective 2012, has overtaken media channels and government committees alike. The truth about this ban appears to be somewhat ambiguous as the ‘facts’ seem to change depending on what outlet or article the consumer is getting their information from. The hotly debated Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) bill was developed to save energy and cut pollution. Some people are saying the law does not ban 100W incandescent bulbs because manufacturers are currently producing and selling these products that are meeting the standards put forth by the 2007 bill; while others believe there is a ban and are voicing their anger over ‘big government’ trying to dictate their lighting choices and interfering with the mechanisms of the free market.

Although not everybody is taking the same standpoint on this issue, people are recognizing that energy costs are continuing to rise, and are looking for ways to become more energy efficient and save money. The use of more energy-efficient lighting in homes, and business facilities alike, has proven to save the owners money. Home owners are saving money through more efficient lighting choices in addition to a plethora of other options. Building owners can lower their operating costs by reducing their lighting usage through several strategies. Some of the more popular choices include daylight harvesting, task tuning and giving individuals control over their lighting from their computer.