Distech Controls – Following the Path to Open-Systems

Distech Controls – Following the Path to Open-Systems

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Control Technologies – staying true to open systems with Distech Controls.

Control Technolobhphoto_controltech_web-22gies has been providing Open Solutions to its customers since 1994 with the release of LON controllers, and then embraced the Niagara Framework in 1997 when Tridium first released it to the market. Our success with this model speaks for itself. We now have hundreds of installations in our markets including Vermont, New Hampshire, Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.   In order to maintain our corporate mission for Openness, we have chosen to represent, Distech Controls, a forward-thinking, quality-driven manufacturer.

With the move to Distech Controls, we are very excited to now have a brand new state-of-the-art product line, something we’ve been lacking for some time now.  This move will not affect our existing customers because with Distech’s enhanced ability to integrate into many manufacturers legacy control lines, you’ll get the same great service from Control Technologies with the benefit of newer Distech features.


 “It’s about continuing to provide value to our customers. We have been working on this partnership with Distech for several years, and together we have  made the solid commitment to openness, research and development, and to factory training.” – Len Pattison, CTI


In the past 10 years, several manufacturers have been moving back to proprietary architectures under a veil of “openness”.  This means that only the manufacturer can work on their products and thereby, once again, they are minimizing the benefit to the customer.

But, there is a bright-side. Control Technologies is keeping non-proprietary innovation alive today and we aim to give the customer the most for their investment. We are committed to providing high-quality products, forward-thinking innovation, and openness. We will continue to utilize the NiagaraTM platform in the products we represent and we will continue to offer our customers best-in-class service and support.

We are looking forward to a new dawn in Building Automation technology and to sharing those benefits with you!

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