Don’t Let a Hurricane Knock You Out

Be Prepared for a DisasterHurricane Sandy did untold damage this past October, rendering millions without power, heat or proper drinking water for weeks – and those were the lucky people. With the growing frequency of these massive storms, it is more important the ever to take the necessary steps needed to prepare for the worst. One preventative step we highly recommend is purchasing a back-up generator for your home or office.

Even the best HVAC systems need electricity to function. Buying a back-up generator for your home or office ensures that your HVAC systems and other electronics will continue to run properly until the power is restored. Before purchasing a generator, do the needed research to determine exactly how much electricity you need to generate in order to keep your HVAC system and other electronics running. Remember, it is better to purchase more than less as less won’t keep your HVAC running. Once you understand how much electricity you’ll need for your home or office space, price out at least three different models that can perform as you need before purchasing.

Don’t let the weather patterns knock you or your HVAC system out – look into purchasing a generator today.