Efficiency Vermont Brightens Businesses With Lighting Incentives

Many businesses have taken advantage of the various rebate programs Efficiency Vermont has available in order to offset the cost of upgrading their lighting systems. Implementing more efficient lighting systems saves companies energy and lowers their operating costs. Under the Efficiency Vermont Lighting Incentive Programs, various types of businesses are able to receive rebates for installing qualified energy-efficient lighting equipment in their buildings. Eligible efficiency technologies include lighting, lighting controls/sensors and LED lighting and applicable sectors include Commercial, Industrial, Nonprofit, Schools and Institutional industries.

If a business has more than 10,000 square feet, or more than 100 items that qualify for rebates, they should contact Efficiency Vermont for pre-approval, otherwise, pre-approval is not necessary. Up to 100% of the cost is covered with the maximum incentive set at $5000. Businesses serviced by Burlington Electric Department (BED) can still be eligible for rebates, but should review BED’s rebate program. To find out what types of products qualify, read the 2011 rebate form located on Efficiency Vermont’s website. This rebate offering expires at the end of the year, so act today and upgrade your lighting.