Gain Control Over Your Buildings’ Access

Access controls are a part of our everyday reality. A lock on a car door, a pin on an ATM, or a username and password are just some examples of access controls that we use in a typical day. In its simplest definition, access controls refers to Who goes Where and When. In an office building setting, access controls often involves a person(s) who has the authority to control the permissions to areas of their building or facility. Permissions are accomplished by configuring each automated door to allow access by specific time(s), date(s) or individual permissions. The system can be set up on a single door or to unlimited doors across multiple buildings, and also give the owner the ability to have direct integration with the building’s HVAC, CCTV systems and information systems. There are several benefits to having an access control system installed your facility:

  • Regulated and Monitor Access to Each Door in Your Facility
  • Controlled Access to Different Areas Per Individual
  • Visitor Entry Management
  • Ability to Schedule Times for Public Access

Access Controls are imperative for facilities that keep important, sensitive information or deal with confidentiality. Control Technologies has the experts to walk you through having a system installed. Control Technologies will meet with you to assess your security needs and provide you with all of the options for card readers, door controls, badge readers, visitor entry management or visitor entry stations. We can provide full planning, design, installation, start-up, commissioning, training, and documentation of your access control system.