Is your HVAC Company putting you, your employees, and your building in danger?

Is your HVAC Company putting you, your employees, and your building in danger?

OSHA California

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation can be dangerous work.  As with all construction-related activities, it’s critical that HVAC field service technicians, who work with and around electricity, dangerous chemicals, and high temperatures, stay safe on the job – not just to protect themselves, but to protect your building and its occupants, too.

To make sure the work environment for our HVAC technicians is safe for them and for you and your company, and to comply with OSHA regulations, Control Technologies works hard to make sure our California HVAC maintenance and repair professionals work with the utmost safety measures in mind. These include stocking our trucks with the proper tools, mandating the proper safety devices and work clothing, following manufacturer’s warning labels, properly storing and handling refrigerants and other chemicals, and practicing safe electrical practices like turning off circuit breakers before we begin work.

Building a shared culture of safety in our day-to-day work is the first step to making sure you and our HVAC technicians remain injury- and accident-free.  We perform unscheduled safety inspections and meet regularly with site managers to discuss job site safety.  We ensure our workers have the right tools and equipment for the job, and we stay up-to-date on new and emerging HVAC technologies, including ongoing OSHA equipment safety use training.

When looking for an HVAC contractor, consider safety as a primary criterion.  As you can imagine, reckless workers, mishandled chemicals, and unsafe equipment like improperly used ladders, poorly-built scaffolding, or improper use of cranes and forklifts could put you and your employees at risk.

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