National Guard Member Gratified by Community Outpouring in Wake of Hurricane Irene

National Guard Member Gratified by Community Outpouring in Wake of Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene produced tremendous rainfall in many parts of Vermont and left destruction in its aftermath. Many people were left stranded with no food or lodging while watching their homes and properties get destroyed by the torrential waters Irene produced. Residential citizens and business owners alike were adversely affected by Irene, and had to rely on their community as well as the military forces that were dispatched to help. 1LT Jim Burrows, Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment Commander (HHD), 86th Troop Command in the Vermont Army National Guard, was one of the military service personnel that was dispatched to help Vermonters.

Troop Commands mission is to back up the Joint Tactical Operating Center in the event of a State Emergency and to provide the manpower to respond to the emergency. Troop Command is composed of several groups, one of which is the HHD. The HHD provided the liaison and support to the working units to provide logistics, food, lodging and coordination with the Joint Tactical Operating Center.  As the Commander of the unit, 1LT Burrows directed his troops to provide the support where it was needed.

1LT Burrows reaction to what he saw was, “The devastation is unfathomable … I saw the look on Vermonter’s faces as we drove through towns that we were cleaning up. When we stopped…people were coming up to us and thanking the Guard for their support. The community outpouring was incredible… and it was a very fulfilling experience to see what we, as Guard Members, do to support our Communities”.

1LT Burrows was able to help the affected communities not just through his position with the National Guard, but also through his position of Senior Service Support at Control Technologies, headquartered in Williston, VT. Len Pattison, President of Control Technologies, wanted to ensure Vermont businesses affected by Irene did not experience more ‘down time’ than necessary and immediately asked the Service Department to contact their Vermont customers to see what they needed in terms of support.

Control Technologies was incorporated in Vermont and has served the area since 1986. Control Technologies creates building automation and energy efficiency solutions that allow businesses to run more efficiently, creating a better work environment while saving money.  To learn more, visit