New Hampshire Branch Is Now LEED Certified

LEED CertifiedAt Control Technologies we are committed to the green building movement that has been sweeping the construction industry. As part of this commitment we have on staff LEED accredited professionals who have specialized knowledge of green building principles. Our Manchester, NH branch of Control Technologies having grown out of its existing facility has moved to a new location. As part of the tenant fit-up for our new space the decision was made to seek LEED certification for Commercial Interiors.  This involved holding regular building meetings and choosing items and finishes that reflected a balance between energy efficiency, occupant comfort and reduction of waste. Although some of the choices led to higher upfront costs the gained efficiency and comfort should more than make up for it.

From the reflective roof surface to the increased insulation and sealing the deck of the roof we wanted to insure efficiency. We installed radiant floor heating throughout the office space with zoning so that each occupant has control over their office space. We installed an Encelium lighting control system with dimmable ballasts daylight harvesting controls and occupancy sensors throughout the building. In the larger interior spaces we installed skylights to provide a means of allowing natural light to take advantage of the potential for daylight harvesting (reducing the need for artificial lighting). For the flooring in the office space we decided on a polished concrete surface instead of traditional carpeting for the majority of the floor area. The polished concrete has numerous benefits for the LEED certification including being renewable right on sight and life cycle (a properly polished concrete floor will last forever).