Public Service Of New Hampshire Helping Businesses With Efficiency Upgrades

Many businesses in New Hampshire may need to replace equipment that has failed, want to renovate an existing facility, or are looking for ways to decrease operating costs through the installation of energy-efficient equipment and methods, and the Public Service of New Hampshire’s (PSNH’s) New Equipment and Construction Program is what they need to help offset some of the cost. This program is offering prescriptive and custom rebates that are designed to help businesses offset some of the cost of purchasing energy-efficient equipment.  Some of this equipment includes HVAC systems, variable frequency drives, energy-efficient lighting, motors, chillers and air compressors. Other measures where kWh savings can be achieved could also be covered with custom rebates. Businesses in this program will not only reduce their initial costs for qualifying equipment, they will also realize long-term savings in their electric bills.

Businesses can also receive technical assistance, helping them recognize and procure energy-efficient equipment and processes, through the New Equipment & Construction Program. In order to receive financial incentives on qualifying energy efficient equipment, pre-approval of rebates is required by PSNH prior to the acquisition and installation of the equipment. Energy efficiency is becoming more relevant for businesses to pursue in order to decrease their energy usage and lower their operation costs. Businesses are also viewing their facility as an asset that requires upkeep and maintenance to ensure proper functionality, efficiency and value. Keeping your systems fully tuned and maintained is important for keeping your facility operating efficiently and saving money.