Reduce Company Costs Through Building Automation Systems

Buildings rarely perform as designed and their inefficiencies end up costing companies money that would be better spent on increasing their business. Building that perform efficiently reduce energy cost and usage, without sacrificing occupancy comfort. The savings companies achieve not only offset the cost of energy efficiency improvements, but can be used to help the organization succeed at accomplishing key objectives. Building Automation Systems can be implemented in a diverse variety of buildings including: K-12 Schools, College and Universities, Office Buildings, State and Federal, Data Centers and Manufacturing.

Energy savings achieved through automated buildings can be accomplished through a variety of avenues including Building Re-Tuning, Lighting and Controls, HVAC Controls and improving the Building Envelope.  For example, companies that undergo a Building Re-Tuning can realize an energy savings of 5-20%, while Lighting Controls will provide up to 60% reduction in lighting costs. The first stage is to have a Building Performance Audit performed in order to examine how the building currently uses energy. Through the audit, a detailed building performance assessment with actionable recommendations will be provided from which a plan will be developed in order to seize the savings opportunities.

Through a Performance Contracting Program, owners make building improvements funded through existing operating budgets that can provide a guaranteed energy savings. Building owners have reduced emissions, reduced energy consumption, and improved system efficiencies while creating a more comfortable environment for building occupants, all without adding to the current budget.