SOS Children’s Village Gandaki, Nepal Acquired Much Needed Generator

In 1978, a landslide devastated the region of Pokhara, Nepal, leaving many families in need of immediate relief. The Nepal Red Cross began instant relief for the victims and provided shelter for the orphaned children. SOS Nepal stepped in to help these children, and created the SOS Children’s Village Gandaki through the generous donations of supporters. The village provides support to children and orphans in need with the service being provided under its Family Based Care. The SOS Gandaki also runs several other programs aimed at providing children skills and education they need for the future. One such program is the SOS Youth Facility were youths above the age of 14 learn basic life skills they need to prepare for self-reliance. There is also the SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools were children get the best available education.  The village has been extremely successful and has expanded to the largest project of its type in Nepal. With all of its success, there is one major problem the village faces; lack of a reliable power supply.

Political instability and the cost of power generation have both contributed to a ration on power that is not able to keep up with demand. Load shedding is a common practice with the power cuts usually occurring during peaks times in the evening and morning. Due to this, a lot of organizations, like the SOS Children’s Village Gandaki, have started acquiring their own power supplies. This year Control Technologies once again donated money to the SOS Ghandaki Orphanage in Pokhara, Nepal.  This year, it went toward a 50 KVA generator that will help immensely with providing the SOS Children’s Village orphans with reliable power. This generator provides enough electricity necessary to power the family houses, staff quarters, pump water from its overhead tank and run the computer lab required for the proper education of the students. Since 1986, Control Technologies has donated time and money to different charity organizations and has helped many communities in need. If you would like to help the SOS Children’s Village Gandaki, please visit their website at