The Importance of Controlling Temperature and Moisture in a Server Room

The Importance of Controlling Temperature and Moisture in a Server Room

Climate Control for ServersLike cats, computers do not like water or heat. But unlike cats, you stand to lose a lot if your company’s server room is either too hot, too moist, or both.

Why does the temperature of your computers and computer equipment make a difference? Computers function via electronic impulses. When the computer becomes too hot, the impulses travel more slowly. When the impulses travel more slowly than they should, information doesn’t arrive on time within the computer – this is when mistakes start to get made. Eventually, the computer will become overwhelmed by the mistakes and crash. With today’s highly-advanced computers cards and systems, proper cooling has become essential.

Moisture can be just as damaging. When computer equipment resides in a humid environment, moisture can build inside the machine; if there is enough moisture present, electrical shorts can occur. Moisture can also damage computer components on its own, presenting the need to replace those specific parts. In either case – high temperatures or too much moisture – you may encounter serious risks with the equipment in your server room.

Having an efficient, access controlled HVAC system for your computer server room can alleviate these potential problems and help protect your equipment for the long-term. Utilizing an HVAC system will also ensure that your computers will run the way they need to.

For more information on how you can protect your server room with an HVAC access control system, contact us today.

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